Museum Project

Topics: Yosemite National Park, Sierra Club, Ansel Adams Pages: 5 (1693 words) Published: December 5, 2010
Monica Vaughn
Art History I
10 November 2010
Museum Project
Ansel Adams, The Tetons and The Snake River, Grand Teton National Park. 1942. Gelatin Silver Print. Featured at Phoenix Art Museum. Phoenix, Arizona. Ansel Adams (1902-1984) was born in San Francisco, California. Being raised in the shadows of the great Golden Gate Bridge was the motivation for his deep appreciation for nature and his early childhood would become his primary inspiration to pursue photography. Strangely enough the 1906 earthquake made a permanent mark on him as he was thrown to the ground breaking his nose. When he was 17 he gained his early experience and inspiration by working for the Sierra Club at the Club's LeConte Memorial Lodge, in Yosemite National Park. Ansel eventually became a photographer for the clubs annual outings. He is best known as a visionary figure for natural photography as well as for his passion in preserving the wilderness. In 1980, Ansel received the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom for his efforts to preserve the wilderness. He played a significant role in the environmental consciousness of the United States and his photography, to this day; continue to inspire both artists and conservationist (Adams 6)(Ansel). The genre is photography. The picture is of mountains in the backdrop, with a river flowing in front of it surrounded by forest. The three characteristics to describe the piece would be; perspective, value and composition. From the William Cronon website we learn of the two different perspectives in this photo. The author states that the first is a vantage-point perspective. This perspective gives us a stunning image of the landscape. The second perspective would be the birds-eye perspective where the viewer is distanced from the actual elements in the picture giving them an overall view of the picture (Hung). The print is Geletin Silver, which provides the very rich blacks and grays. The value that is instilled in each part of the print makes the print's beauty just unfold before your eyes, giving you the feeling of almost being there. It value distinguishes the shapes and objects from one another in the photograph. Mr. Adams composition shows how he framed the photo to center the mountain and the river. The river leads our eyes to the mountain or looking down from the mountain to the river flowing in front of us. According to Ansel Adams, the picture represents bringing information about earth to the alien civilization. The purpose is showing what life on earth is. The picture gives us the raw beauty of the Teton Nation Park (Van-buskirk). His love for landscape and nature show as he literally brings this picture alive. To me it shows us what the National Parks were and should always be, left as nature intended them to be. Having an absolute love for nature and photography this picture captured my eye immediately and literally left me in awe. Alfredo Ramos Martin, La Malinche (Young Girl of Yalala Oaxaca). 1940’s. Oil on Canvas. Featured at The Phoenix Art Museum. Phoenix, Arizona. Alfredo Ramos Martinez (1872 – 1946). He was born on November 12, 1872. His parents were from Monterrey Mexico, in the state of Nuevo Leon. His father was a middle-class storekeeper. His mother was very supportive of his artistic endeavors. He became a true artist very early at the young age of 9 by sending a portrait he painted of the governor of Nuevo Leon to a competition in San Antonio, Texas. This portrait won first place! Ramos caught the eye of American Phoebe Hearst by his work of painted ordinary life scenes, which he mastered after getting fed up with the system while attending the prestigious Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes in Mexico City for 8 years. His life scene work was created while he was still at the Academia. He was bored of the current curriculum and during those times where he would wander off tired of drawing from plaster casts is when he began crafting his style. Phoebe is the person...
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