A Modern Modest Proposal

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My Modern Modest Proposal
Moving factories to other countries is exactly what America’s economy needs. Thousands of people losing their jobs for the selfish greed of the government is just all part of the grand plan to get our country back on its feet. There is no better way to improve the patriotism of Americans than by ripping away their jobs and leaving them standing in unemployment lines for who knows how long. In today’s society what is good and fair is put to the side like a rotten piece of meat. Only fame, fortune, and good times are to be had by all.

The fix to this problem is quite simple really. I declare that for every airplane that ships materials and parts to our factories in foreign countries shall be shot down without question. Every cargo ship that sails to move foreign made products will be torpedoed to the very depths of the sea. The seas shall welcome them into the cold dark clutches that is as one’s greedy heart. Lastly, all foreign made cars registered in the U S of A shall be towed and thrown into a bonfire of reckoning. No mercy is to be taken by the ones who carry out these tasks for they are the very ones who have had their jobs ripped from them.

The true since of what should come about is Congress enacting a tax break for businesses kept in the United States. Less spending in imports and more focus on exports and the products of our own land. The lust for money should not outweigh the lives of innocent workers looking to earn an honest living and provide for the families they have created to be laborers in this world.

This proposal is of no benefit to me however effective it may be. The products consumed by my family and I are both foreign and domestic. The people whose jobs are being ripped away from the moving of factories to cut costs are the ones who would benefit. They work to be successful in a nation that no longer cares for the little guy. A nation that is all about the big picture and all the money that can be earned....
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