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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Basic Structure| Speech #1 Obama| Speech #2 Romney|
Describe the present situation Who's benefiting under the current conditions?|  The people benefiting from the situation are the locals in Libya and Syria that are being liberated from the extremists| According to Romney, the people in the western countries are benefiting from this because we thrive on free enterprise.| Prove unfairness Who's suffering under current conditions?| The people who are suffering live in 3rd world countries who don’t have the rights we have. |  The people in foreign countries are suffering because they don’t have free enterprise and we’re suffering due to job losses.| Provide a vision of a better way What would conditions be like if they were fairer than they are now?| According to Obama, if conditions were fairer there would be more democratic countries and the economy would improve.|  Again Romney speaks about enterprise and how the economy would strengthen and freedom would become a normal thing.| Call for Action What must be done to achieve fairer conditions?|  We have to start accepting the middle eastern people’s views and he speaks about how Diplomacy is needed to prevent the killing of foreign ambassadors.|  We need to improve our strategies and not waste out valuable resources and help foreign countries come up out of the pit. |

Rhetorical tools| Speech #1 Obama| Speech #2 Romney|
Alliteration:  Examples of repetition of sounds.  "May men of merit be motivated to act!" | “…people everywhere long for the freedom to determine the dignity”|  “…bringing aid and comfort to the poorest places on the planet.”| Repetition:  Key words or phrases that are repeated for emphasis.| “The future must not belong.” P.33-34“If we are serious…” P.7| “…work and enterprise.” P.23-24| Metaphor:  List comparisons that help listeners "envision" meaning."Let our dreams soar on wings of optimism!"| “a rising tide of liberty will never be reversed.”|   “But we...
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