American Jobs Paper

Topics: United States, Unemployment, Economics Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: March 3, 2013
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American Jobs Paper
Nowadays, the economy is slightly recovering; however, there are still tons of people losing their jobs, cars, and houses. “American Jobs” documentary is directed by Greg Spotts, is going to show the economy have suffered as a result of the NAFTA treaty, low-wage foreign competition and the need to protect American workers.

First of all, NAFTA is a big problem that we are facing todays in society. I don’t think that NAFTA has helped the economy because many people have lost their jobs. The U.S. President should do the right thing and get rid of NAFTA before we are all on welfare or worse out on the street begging for change. My uncle has worked for companies who are foreign based. They have a lot of reasons why, the employees have to work over time, taking away time spent with his family just to pay more taxes. They also have temporary employment services so that the employee is not full time. Therefore, they are not entitled to benefits or annual rises saving the employer money.

Secondly, the economic crisis has likely declined in the United Stated, manufacturing needs to collaborate with low-wage foreign competition like China, India and Vietnam. Their wages are less than $1.00 per hour; therefore American people lose their jobs. Whenever I go to shopping, I see almost all the materials are made in China, India, Vietnam, and Mexico. I barely see clothes that made in USA. For me, I can just only afford to buy items that are cheap, and all the cheap items are produced outside the U.S. On the other hand, some countries are unable to buy U.S. items so that they just eventually start making and using their own products.

Thirdly, unemployed are being shocked; I see a lot of people losing their cars, jobs, and houses. They don’t even have a cent in their pockets. For example, my dad’s friend owns nothing right now. He is helping his friends to find a job, feeding him everyday, and giving a space to sleep. We live...
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