A Modern Day Sleeping Beauty

Topics: The Road Pages: 3 (1075 words) Published: February 4, 2011
Burnside, Bobbie
Descriptive Essay
26 Jan 2011
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A Modern day Sleeping Beauty

Once upon a time there lived a young couple who had found true love and were bound together by fate. His name was Brian and hers was Melody. They lived it the beautiful city of Anchorage, Alaska. Brian was a C-17 Pilot stationed at Elmendorf AFB and Melody a 1st grade teacher at local school. Melody was a beautiful sight; her body was athletic, her hair fell over her shoulders and was highlighted to the most beautiful blonde, her skin was flawless and her eyes were blue but not an ordinary blue; like a tropical ocean and they sparkled like the water when the sun hit it. Brian wasn’t so bad himself. He was what all girls dreamed prince charming to be. He was tall and worked out often; his muscles could be seen through his shirt, his hair was dark, his skin tan, and one could get lost in his piercing green eyes. Brian and Melody spent every chance they had together outside of their busy schedules. They went on evening walks together and early morning jogs. They sat on their front porch and watched the sun rise and set in the beautiful snow covered Mountains of Anchorage. Most weekends the couple would make time for dinner and a movie. Brian and Melody were made for each other. Even a stranger could clearly see the love they had for each other would never die. (Sight & Touch) It was a cold brisk night in late December; the weather had changed in a matter of hours. The wind rose with a backing wind, it brought a clouded sky and a heavy snowstorm with it. A pallor of winter evening seemed to have closed upon the city, cloaking it in a blanket of snow. Brian and Melody were returning home after eating dinner at the Olive Garden and watching the movie “The Black Swan”. They had enjoyed their night out at dinner and a movie. (Smell & Taste) The aroma of garlic wafted through the air from the white styrofoam box filled with Sicilian Scampi and...
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