Forming Meaningful Relationships Enriches Lives

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Forming Meaningful Connections Enriches Lives
I remember the day you changed my life, my love, for it was a long time coming. You were trying to blend in with the rest of them but I only had eyes for you. A strong overwhelming feeling struck me like lightning, butterflies and excitement. Perhaps ordinary to anyone else, but to me, you were shiny and new. I’d heard so many good things about you from my friends; it made me quiver jealousy to hear them talk about you because you weren’t mine. Destiny, fate, whatever you want to call it, I knew our paths were going to cross that day. I had to make you mine. I had heard you were good at taking pictures. You sure know what girls like, huh? I wouldn’t mind taking pictures with you all day. I’d put the pictures up on Instagram, a subtle way of bragging about how happy we are together, how good we are together: #love #allmine #yourejustjealous. Your sense of humour is so charming. Do you remember the time you scared my mom with your “where to hide a dead body” joke? I thought it was funny… Don’t worry, she’ll come around soon. Among your many other qualities, your ability to connect with everything around you just delights me every day. I can take you with me everywhere I go and I don’t have to worry about you not getting along well with others (unlike my ex). Such a relief! I dreamt about us together because I knew we’d make a great team. I’d play it coy and pretend that I suck at directions, you’ll play navigator and I’ll be the driver. We can take off and never come back; it’ll be just you and me, for I don’t need anyone else. You’ve always been there for me, the good times and the bad. Whenever I needed to talk to someone, you were there. If I was ever lost, or just needed some entertainment, I’d find you right there beside me. You’re not like the others, you’re special. It’s almost our three year anniversary, can you believe it babe? I’ve never been happier or more in love. What did you say TELUS? I can upgrade...
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