Smokey Mountain Nightmare

Topics: Rain, Weather, Cloud Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Allysa Broeker
Smokey Mountain Nightmare
Gazing at the stars outside the sun roof of my husband’s silver sports car seemed to be the only way to control the excitement building inside me. My imagination ran wildly thru visions of scenic mountains draped in clouds of fog. The grey rocky cliffs surrounded by colorful spring flowers almost parallel the beauty of the cool crystal water flowing over a fall like the most rapid of rain spraying a chilly mist on all who behold. With my head full of fantasy and soul full of adventure, the possibility of this dream come true becoming a life changing nightmare seemed all but impossible.

“Hey, we are in Tennessee”, my husband said as he lightly shook my shoulder until I acknowledged him with opening my grayish green eyes. “Good morning beautiful, only a half an hour away from the vacation you have always wanted us to take.” Instantly the widest smile you could ever imagine covered my face. I was so happy to be there rolling up an over these bright green hills into the mountains that harbor the cabin we would soon occupy. “I love you so much.” “I cannot even begin to explain how much this means to me Adam”. I said as we past the sign displaying a two mile away conformation that was truly needed do to the navigation becoming obsolete when we began winding thru the one lane roads. “Beautiful,” I said as we pulled up to the cabin.” ”Absolutely beautiful, even more so then I imagined”, said Adam as the slightest drops of rain began to fall from one of the few clouds that floated above. “I wonder what the weather is forecasted to be this week”. I asked as we walked hand in hand with my romantic husband into the two story cabin and on to making my dream come true. As the hardwood door closed behind us, a simultaneous crash of thunder followed. The sky began to darken as the subtle rains quickly became rapid. “There was no mention of any thunderstorm warnings”, Adam yelled from the across the room. The furious rains pelting...
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