A Mission Statement Describes an Organisations Basic Purpose

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“A mission statement describes an organisations basic purpose”.

Using examples illustrate your answer; explore the idea that mission statements should reflect an organisations purpose.

This essay is aimed at understanding what a mission statement is, why they are made and whether or not it reflects an organisations purpose. The essay will start by defining mission statements it will also be describing, identifying and discussing why mission statements fail, why they are made in d first place and whether they are really needed at all. This work will also include examples of reasonable mission statements and mission statements that have failed as a result of including prepositions that are unnecessary and in most cases unachievable in the business society. This essay also intends to help educate me on how to write a mission statement that is realistic, effective and reflects an organisations purpose. Most organisations exist to make profits, provide the community with products, employment and overall economic prosperity. In order for an organisation to make customers or individuals believe that profit does not seem to be the primary purpose of the organisation which it is as the profit made is for the organisation to cover taxation, creation of employment, expansion and all round success for the organisation but some organisations want to seem perfect so they come up with mission statements in order to seem more efficient, more responsible and in some cases environmental friendly, organisations come up with fantastic mission statements to cover up their flaws. Mission statements are used by 80% of UK companies. Mission statements which could also be referred to as statements of purpose which is not suppose to commit an organisation to what it must do in order to survive neither should it contain meaningless superlatives like maximum, best optimum or biggest as this superlatives have not been achieved in the business environment, instead it should portray what the organisation chooses to do in order to thrive or succeed as that the most important goal to most organisations if not all. Defining, Understanding and Writing a Mission Statements.

Developing a mission statement is an important aspect in strategic management, it a process that most occur when starting a new business or a company. A successful mission statement should identify the essential, unique purpose that differentiates a business from other organisations of its kind, it should also identify the scope to which the business’s operations in product and market terms, a mission serves as a statement of purpose that shows an organisations product or service, markets, customers and philosophy. A mission statement is defined as one that portrays an organisations identity rather than the restrictions placed on the firm by any customer or individual, i.e. what broad products or services it intends to offer its customers. An effective statement should be brief enough for an individual whether it’s a customer or an employee to easily describe the organisations purpose and ideals in less than 30 seconds, it should also helps to please people’s needs to produce something significant, to help others, to beat opponents and earn their opponents respect and that of the society as a whole. The mission statement also gives readers a window on the raison d etre of the company, it was initially designed as a way by which potential shareholders and investors could recognize the purpose of the company that they intended to invest in. Most organisations use their mission statements as a publicity tool to draw more attention to the organisation, this is some cases is not the most intelligent thing to do because when a mission statement is perfectly written using unachievable superlative customers tend to believe these statements and when their expectations are not reached...
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