Mission Statement Impossible

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Mission Statement Impossible: The Importance of Mission Statements High School Athletics

The University of South Alabama

Every year thousands of high schools rally their athletic programs to get ready for competition. They strategically hire athletic directors, equipment managers, and coaches for the upcoming year(s). Coaches will work diligently to search for players, call tryouts, set practices, schedule games and tournaments, provide transportation for those events, assemble coaching staff, and order uniforms. While these components lead to the success on-the-field, setting goals in the way of mission statements is of utmost importance. A mission statement is a company's/organizations articulation to its customers/employees and the entire world of the purpose of its existence. It is often underrated in high school athletics and most of the time not made or mentioned. I have compiled a few reasons why mission statements are so vital to high school athletic programs which are, it upholds each person to same purposes, standards and values, it gives others who had the same or no mission to be a part of something great, and it opens positive senses of direction.

To Begin, A mission statement imprints your values and purposes firmly in your mind as well as the mind of each person. It represents the group organization or club. Willis Whitney; an American chemist and founder of the research laboratory of the General Electric Company, once wrote, "Some men have thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they want to, when all they need is one reason why they can."(Whitney 2013) We have all at one time or another lost the focus of our intention for our life, our work, and our goals. If a mission statement exists, then we would become alive to the vision that has been put in place. The mission statement is the exact reason we need to be able to do what we can and more. Pure confidence radiates off of it. So no matter what doubts may raise in the hearts of...
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