A Meaningingful Adult Day Program

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A Meaningful and Practical Adult Day Care Program

A Meaningful and Practical Adult Day Care Program


There are many adult day care centres being set up throughout the country to care for

the elderly and provide respite to caregivers. These adult care centres provide a range

of health, social stimulation and therapeutic recreational programs in supporting

group settings. Clients attend adult day care centres for:

Caregiver and family respite
Waiting residential placement
Health status monitoring
Medication support & monitoring
Therapeutic activities
Access to health education
The adults that attend the programs set up by these adult care centres usually have decreased mental, social and physical functioning. Some of these adults may have cognitive impairments, such as Alzheimer’s disease, developmental or physical disabilities and a chronic mental illness.

If I had the opportunity to serve on a committee to help guide the establishment of a new Adult Care Program in my community I would advocate for activities that would ensure the program is meaningful to clients and practical to the family caregivers seeking respite. These adult programs would provide opportunities for socialization and peer support, nutritious meals and snacks, participation in recreational activities (individual and group) and basic personal care. Between activities, participants

would be given opportunities for rest and relaxation. Throughout the rest of my paper I will give a breakdown of how this Adult Day Care would look like and the programs provided based by the community I live in of Medicine Hat.

In Medicine Hat we have a special transit system set up so that clients can be picked up at their homes and taken to various parts of the city. In order to help the caregivers, transportation to and from the adult care centre would be very important. Some caregivers no longer have licenses and automobiles, so being able to get their loved one to and from the program will minimize the stress level of the caregiver. Our adult day care program would set up a schedule with special transit and the caregiver to pick up the client on a regular basis at their home and drop them off at the program. After the program they would take them back to their homes.

I would advocate for the adult day program to be set up out of our Continuing Care Centre because our location is central and we have access to our facility van. Caregivers can get their loved one easily to our site from anywhere in the city because it is in the centre of Medicine Hat and there is a bus stop right in front of the facility in case they use the public transportation. Access to the facility van is important in case there are those clients that the special transit cannot pick up. Current Events

Participation in discussion of current events by clients in adult day care programs is therapeutic. The adult day care centre would start each day with this program. The clientele would sit around a table and have refreshments and snacks while the program assistant reads the Medicine Hat daily newspaper. The assistant would get involvement from each client by asking them questions about what they have just read. This program provides both social and mental stimulation. The clients are able to visit with others attending the program and they would be current with what is happening in the community. It is important to start the day with this program because it would stimulate the clients memory to the month, day and year and mentally get them ready for the rest of the day.

Physical Therapy
Physical activity, done on a regular basis, is essential for maintaining strength and function. Social interaction contributes to a positive mental outlook. By creating a daily group exercise program we enable the client to maintain this function. Activities that could be included in this...
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