My Utopia Job

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  • Published : March 1, 2013
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My Utopia Job

My Utopia Job would be a compilation of past work experiences, as well as what I have learned through my classes here at Brandman. In order to qualify as my Utopia Job, the below requirements would have to be met: * Excellent & affordable health benefits package for all employees. Keep them happy and healthy; make it affordable for all of them and their families. * State of the art facility with the latest technologies available, giving the employee a safe and clean workplace. * My Utopia Job would be a Bench Mark facility.

* It would offer Tuition Reimbursement plans so that your employees can extend their educations. * My perfect working hours would be from 0600 to 1430, Monday through Friday. * Offer employees with vacation time, which would vary according to longevity with the company. * Retirement and Pension plans offered to employees.

* Training sessions would be available so that employees are able to train in order to move up the company ladder. * Require employees to get training that would cover Moral Ethics, Integrity, and Values. * Offer Mentoring programs, it would train their staff to be the best and brightest. By promoting from within the company would have happier and a more productive and confidant staff. * Have a very diverse workforce, as well as have many women it top positions. * It would offer Day Care plans for employees there at work, make it affordable and convenient. * Flexible Working schedules would be offered for working parents with children. * Offer additional incentives to motivate employees to put forth more effort to meet peak demands. * Build a workforce with a Teamwork Ethic.

* Hard workers would receive recognition, and be highly sought for any open positions.

In conclusion, I realize that my Utopia Job sounds like the perfect working environment, but in a perfect-world, the odds of finding one so perfect are probably slim-to-none....
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