Outlining the Overall Structure Ofocial Care Sector

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Part 1- P2 (500 words)-Outlining the overall structure of the social care sector. Social Care services sector’s role is to deliver social care systems which offer care equality for all individuals, while allowing people to retain their independence, dignity and control. During the past 20 years the need for social care services in the UK slightly increased. This is mainly due to demographic factors such as an increasing aging population. Therefore this means that more care and residential care homes are needed. Also, a number of women with small children, who decided to come back to work, is growing. This means that there is a need for new nursery and pre-schools, which would look after the children. Britain has a mixed economy of care provisions. There are many types of them such as: Statutory, private, and voluntary. The statutory sector (also known as public) is fully founded by the government, from the taxes we pay. Its services are free at the point of delivery (some exceptions like dentistry and opticians). The statutory (or public) sector also includes the NHS which provides hospital services and services in the community. The Private sector can be described as market which sells care to people. According to the statistics, 14 million people in the UK use private care in one way or another. Any individual who wishes to use private sector services has to buy the care with cash or personal insurance. However, in the past couple of years the government agreed to found private care in some circumstances. This mainly includes things like plastic surgeries for those who have been badly injured, burned. Private care sectors includes: nursing and residential care homes, abortions, bandages treatments etc. There are advantages and disadvantages of using a private sector. One of the advantages is that private sector seems to provide a better quality care and won’t mess the service user around. Some of the disadvantages include the high costs and ethical or...
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