"A Man of Destiny" Analysis

Topics: Emperor Pages: 3 (1205 words) Published: October 6, 2011
“A Man of Destiny” by Bernard Shaw.
We are all human and as any human, we have feelings and emotions. Some people hide them from the surrounding world and some overshow or just show the false emotions. One can also find a person, who would be absolutely self-confodent and rude at first sight, every coin has two sides and this person can prove to be a real dandelion inside. And in this story “The Man of Destiny” by Bernard Shaw We can see the great emperor Napoleon, who is absolutely firm and steady for everyone around him, but who has a weak point as everybody has. To begin with, I want to say, that the main idea of the story is to show that appearance is deceptive, that our essence is hiden inside. Talking about the plot I can say that the story takes place in the 17 century. Where we can get aquainted with the famous General Buenaparte and a Lady who tries her tricks on him. She plays a scene to make him read the letter from despatches. Though he understands that she plays with him, he is curious about the letter. This story consists play of dialogues that includes author’s remarks in brakets. The mood of the story is very emotionsl. The dialogues are very dynamic and the author’s words are also very emotionsl and make us clear about the scene. The story begins with a dialogue between Lady and lieutenant. Lady is described as a beautiful woman, but the author makes us clearly understand that she is not as simple as it seems at first sight. He does this with the help of epithet: “She’s very feminine but by no means weak”. Lieutant was tricked by her and now he wants revenge, he thinks, that she is a distinguished man and because of it he cuts a foolish figure in front of Napoleon. The atmosphere is tense and fussy, Lieutant make mess that makes us captivated. He is sure that Lady is a man, that is seen by his action “seizing her wrist” and his words “take off that skirt”, and that metaphor “in a voice of thunder”. But Lady pretends that she understands...
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