The Great Gasby

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4 December 2011
The Great Gatsby

In the United States, one of the most common occurrences is the act of lying. In The Great Gatsby one of the most abundant qualities is lying. The author shows these qualities whether it be a simple white lie that causes no harm to others or bigger lies to cover up where people come from. These lies are told to interest the reader, because without good lies in a novel like this, there is no way to keep the reader fascinated.

In The Great Gatsby there are many little white lies. The author uses these lies to create a feeling of interest and eagerness to read on farther. An example of a less substantial white lie is the conversation between Tom and Wilson, “When are you going to sell me that car?” “Next week I’ve got someone working on it now” (Fitzgerald 34). Tom comes into the shop often and admires a certain car that he wants to buy, and Wilson tells him it will be ready soon, but really will not be. This mild conversation between the two men is not harmful to either but is still a lie none the less, adding little by little to the sack of lies in the novel.

Besides little white lies, there are substantially larger ones farther into this novel. There are people in this novel who are very secretive, and none more than Gatsby himself. “I am the son of some wealthy people in the Middle West all dead now… I was brought up and educated there for many years, it is a family tradition” (Fitzgerald 69). Nick was told this on the way to lunch with Gatsby, but Nick did not know this was a lie intended to keep suspicion away from where he gets his money. Gatsby knew that Nick thought highly of him so there was no need for Gatsby to worry about his lie coming back to haunt him, so he figures why not tell something easy to believe.

Some people may say that this novel is mainly focused on one man’s desirers to reconnect with a long lost love. This is a...
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