Story of an Hour

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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The Story of an Hour is a story about a woman who does not grieve, but is overjoyed by having no more husband to hold her back. The author shows throughout the story the feeling and the projected path by using various literary devices such as metaphors and the way they are dictated, as well as tone. These present the story in the way the author meant to, and are present to describe certain emotions, and create different scenes. This story has a good use of metaphors to show how the widowed wife is feeling out her husbands death. She obviously is not upset once she realizes she has no one to hold her back now. This is exemplified by how the author presents this to us, in such metaphors as ""(). This clearly shows her turning feeling, from the pain and anguish, to the joy and relief from being free. In all it shows in a very clever way how the woman changes her emotions. The piece also is dictated in a different and key way, showing how the overall mood changes from dim and dark, to happy and bright. This occurs when the wife has the sudden realization that she does not have to answer to anyone any longer, and is by a term, free. The author puts it like this: ""(). The quote shows how her change of mood is dictated, and what that will mean for the rest of the story. It shows just how relieved she is to be unchained from her spouse. The tone of the story also plays a very important role in how this story is taken, which is her grief and pain, suddenly taken over by quick realization and joy. The way the story is presented through tone shows this, ""(). A quote befitting of how the story feels at first, while the following shows how it feels right before the end: ""(). The two quotes show how the author changes the tone to make the story feel a different way. To put it quite bluntly, this story has a lot of almost hidden meaning, but a second and even third look will reveal the authors true intentions and show exactly what she really meant the...
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