A Little Bit About the Social Web

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A little bit about the Social Web
Shaina Carter
INF 103
Mark A. Cohen
March 4, 2013

A little bit about the Social Web
A long time ago before there was technology and computers; people around the world would communicate with one another by writing and sending letters. The world today however, communicates with one another through the internet on social networks. The meaning of social networks, is a website intended to allow multiple users to publish content themselves on their “profiles” or accounts (Social network). Every social network has their own privacy terms and conditions that they have each user whom wants a “profile” on their website agree to, before they can start being one of their users. Each one of us who become a member on these social networks needs to be careful with what they put on their “profile,” because there are hackers out there and even predators. Social networks have popped up all over the web; businesses often think of the top four social being: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace and being the only ones out there as well, but there are hundreds around the globe with millions of users who can be targeted through these networks by businesses (Ferner, 2011). There are so many different social networks and categories of social networks.

When the social web first came out, there were a lot of worries by parents. Ever since the incident that has happened in Illinois where a girl got kidnapped because she met up with a stranger that she was talking to over the internet. Parents have been cautioned about the internet safety for years, a wave of news reports suggesting that predators monitor the chat rooms and websites for potential victims has sparked a sharp rise in the number and intensity of parent meetings since January (Bahney, 2006). For teenagers the social network is a place to hang out with friends instead of the mall or anywhere to actually see one another. Teenagers may thing that their parents are over exaggerating with the social networks, but parents are just trying to make sure that their child isn’t going to be the next victim to a predator. One problem that the internet has and is hard to control is the fact people can hack your profile and get any information they want about you.

In 2003 the website MySpace was created and had many users and was the number one social networks at the time (Bahney, 2006).A man named tom Anderson founded Myspace, even though he didn’t create it. MySpace was very popular because you were able to customize your profile any way you wanted to so that it can be more personal, instead of looking like everyone else’s. Even though the initial popularity came not from word-of-mouth, as is often assumed, but from an intense e-mail campaign (Mitchell, 2006). MySpace's privacy practices will be kept under close watch due to the simple fact that they had violated those terms by providing advertisers with the Friend ID number of users looking at certain pages on the site (Fitzpatrick, 2012). MySpace said that they would ask the user permission before they released any of their information to anyone or another party, but they never did; so now it maybe a little harder for someone to hack your account on their website.

The most popular social network is Facebook, which is used by millions of people. In 2004 while attending college as a sophomore at Harvard University, Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook (Facebook). Not only do regular people use Facebook, but small businesses or small companies as well. Since there are hackers out there in the cyber world, Facebook has been doing what they call “Hacktober” which goes on throughout the whole month of October for the past two years. The way it works is it features a series of simulated security threats attacking the staff members computers and see who would fall for them and who would report the issues; the employees reported a phishing scam or security threat developed by Facebook, which showed up...
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