Privacy for Social Networking

Topics: Social network service, Social network, European Union Pages: 4 (1290 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Muhammed Emin Öztürk
Algorithms and Programming 101
CS 101-2
HW1: Contemporary Issues in Computing
The EU wants individuals to have the right to "delete" their information from Social Networking sites, such as Facebook? Does this make sense? Is it even possible? The right of being forgotten In contemporary times especially over last five years , with the development of computer technology as well as the spread of using the Internet , it seems that the popularity of social networking sites has rapidly increased all over the world . Through the development of computer system which is called Bulletin Board System , that provide users huge opportunities to connect other people , exchanging data ,playing online games etc , Social network sites such as Facebook and so on were founded . People having account in this kind of social networking sites , especially facebook which dominates social network sectors , can share their personal information , their pictures or anything which is accepted as private knowledge . The members of this kind of sites can declare where they are , update their status or express their feelings .Moreover by using facebook , users can find chance to build and maintain relationship with their friends . This might be accepted as a most significant factor which triggers to rise reputation of social network sites . Even though it might be considered as entertaining activity or the blessing of the Internet , in fact those data can be abused . On the ground of the limitless sharing on social network sites like facebook, accessing somebody else’s personal information has been so simple that click the button. However, it would precipitate crucial crisis among users . For example , the user may be threaten or harmed by any evil-minded person who utilizes those data which was shared or posted on social sites . In other words , accessing information via the...
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