Social Web Research Paper

Topics: Social media, Osama bin Laden, Web 2.0 Pages: 3 (947 words) Published: June 11, 2012
Research paper Social web
William Kidwell
INF103 Computer Literacy
Instructor George McGee
May 17, 2012

Social web it’s everywhere in today’s world from Facebook to Twitter to MySpace and we as a society use it every minute or every day. In my research paper I will address our use of the social web and how it has become this global phenomenon.

The emergence of Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the social Web as a global force in the last several years has done a great deal to highlight their potential to fundamentally alter the way we communicate and collaborate both at home and in business. However, despite the movement of social computing into our daily lives we’re all clearly on a long journey together as the technologies themselves emerge from infancy. The state-of-the-art today when it comes to the social computing environments that surround us now — in our browsers, mobile devices, and elsewhere — underscore how much more we have left to do to make these new modes of digital conversation and discourse become mature, efficient, safe, and truly useful. Fortunately the Web doesn’t stand still and there continues to be rapid research and development when it comes to the mechanics of today’s online social universe. There are many new efforts under way to refine and improve the world of social media, some of which we’ll explore here and many which are just beginning… (Hinchcliffe, Dion 2010)

This statement is so very true. Think back a couple of decades ago when social media was in its infancy and the only way we had to commutate was through email or our landline house phones. We as a society through sending a email was state of the art and it was at that moment in time. Now fast forward two decades we now can Skype, text, private chat, etc. Look at a social media site such as Facebook at first it was only design for colleges to use and then it took off and now has become a part of everyday life for most of the world either...
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