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Essay 1
Attacking Weakness 1: Shooting
Section B: Self Analysis
As a goal attack it is my job to score the points for the whole team. So my shooting needs to be accurate and very efficient. To be a sharp shooter you must be able to sustain your balance, find your aim quickly and use your entire body to carry out the shot. It is essential that you are able to stay focused and calm under pressure. Shooting can be very tough but if you have great mental strength, the outcome can be magnificent. When done correctly, the skill can be very aesthetically pleasing. You are allowed to shoot from anywhere inside the attacking goal circle, but if you have a good view of the net and are in a balanced position, this will often lead to greater success. From a technical outlook, I am sometimes not square on to the net, this causes my shot to veer off to the side and either bounce off the outside of the ring or miss the net completely. I’ve noticed that my feet can sometimes be too far apart and therefore is it easier to lose my balance and often I can’t get enough power behind the shot. Whilst shooting you must be aware of the defender, they will try to rebound your shot. I sometimes don’t stand up very tall and so the goal defender is able to mark my shot very well. For example in a 1st team match against Pocklington the defenders were extremely tall and they could mark all of my shots with ease, they were able to rebound my shot off their hands and stop the ball reaching the net. I also have the tendency to place both my hands under the ball when preparing for my shot, therefore the ball isn’t being supported and consequently my shot can swerve to either side of the net. The flight of the ball looks like this: Net


During the contact point, I feel I don’t fully contract my triceps so my arms aren’t as extended as they should be, so the ball doesn’t reach the net as there isn’t enough power behind my shot. Once I have pushed the ball I tend to flick my wrist but I don’t follow through with my fingers. As I don’t flick my fingers, there isn’t any spin on my shot. I don’t normally fully extend my arms and I remain very flat footed, this doesn’t allow for an effective follow through. One of my greatest faults is admiring my shot, I stand there waiting to see if the ball goes into the net or not. This gives the defenders a huge advantage as they will be able to catch the rebound more quickly and get the ball down to their attacking end. In doing this, you have missed the chance to score a point for your team. Section B: Elite Performer- Pamela Cookey

Pamela Cookey is an English netball player, usually posted to goal attack. She represented England in the 2006 Commonwealth Games where they received the bronze medal. Her well-developed shooting skills allow her to get into the correct technical position quickly and carry out the shot successfully. She is able to remain calm throughout the game and she only focuses on the relevant cues from the display and ignores the irreverent ones. For example, the cheers of the crowd and her fellow teammates. During the ready position Pamela Cookey’s feet are in a comfortable forward position, not too far apart. She is in a balanced position with equal weight on both feet and her hips are facing to the front. She also shifts the majority of her body weight to the netball post. This enables her to get a lot of power behind her shot. She places the ball in her dominant hand and raises it high above her head. Her fingers point back and are slightly open; this allows the ball to sit comfortably towards the front of the hand and away from the palm. Her second hand is always placed at the side of the ball to steady its position and support the weight of the ball. This improves her accuracy and ensures her shot doesn’t veer off to the side: Net


Her elbows are slightly flexed and are always in line with the direction of the net. During the execution, her eyes are focused on a certain...
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