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Music Tutorial Software

Music Tutorial Software1
1 Background and Investigation3
1.1 Introduction to the organisation3
1.2 Existing situation3
1.3 The client, potential users and audience3
1.4 Justification for required solution3
1.5 Use of investigation techniques4
1.6 Client requirements5
2 Analysis and deliverables6
2.1 Scope of the project6
2.2 Proposed system6
2.3 Processes8
2.4 Users skill level9
2.5 Evaluation criteria10
3 Design and planning11
3.1 Alternate solutions11
3.2 Feedback and amendments12
3.3 Implementation, testing, installing and training16
3.4 Testing strategy16
3.5 Test Plan18
4 Testing and Documentation19
4.1 Testing19
4.2 Users involvement24
4.3 Documentation of testing25
5.1 Strengths weaknesses and areas for improvement31
5.2 Meeting client requirements31
5.3 Self assessment32

1 Background and Investigation
1.1 Introduction to the organisation
The organisation is Oxford Spires Academy which is a large school based in Cowley. It consists of around 1000 students aged between 11 and 19. It is currently run by Principal Miss Sue Croft who took over the school in January 2011. The school offers a wide range of courses from academic to vocational. Music is one of the performing arts subjects on offer which is compulsory for years 7 and 8 then optional choice for years 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. The course gets about 5-8% of students in that year group selecting to continue it on to GCSE or A levels which gives classes of about 9 -12 students. This gives between 150-250 student music lessons a weeks. The school originally was failing GCSE’s and was then turned into an academy to try and improve GCSE results. The fact that the management team are concerned about GCSE results is putting music tuition under threat in school as students are missing lessons. A lot of students would like the option to be able to learn an instrument and guitar was the most popular option, so I intend to be able to create a tutorial on how to play which is assessable to those that want to learn more on how to play. My contact at Oxford Spires Academy is Miss Aspinal the head of performing arts. 1.2 Existing situation

The existing situation is that students pay £7 a week for a tutor to come in and manually show students how to play the instruments for 15 minutes a day. He shows the chords step by step as well as scales and he teaches students some songs. Students may also have tutors outside of the school site who teach them (roughly costing between £5-£20 per lesson). Or some students will do like I did and choose to teach themselves at home. Students who learn in school are removed from lessons for tuition so they are missing out on some information in class. The new management are concerned about achieving GCSE results as this school is in competition with the other local schools to draw more parents to send their children to attend here. They want GCSE results to improve and music tuition is putting the likelihood of students getting good GCSE results under threat if students miss lessons for extra music lessons. 1.3 The client, potential users and audience

The client is the head of performing arts Miss Aspinal. The potential users are the music teachers Mr Dixon and Mr Purtell who are the direct teachers of music for most curriculum classes. The audience are students who want to learn to play an instrument but don’t want to do it with another person, haven’t got the time to go to scheduled lessons or can’t afford to get lessons that the school is already offering. 1.4 Justification for required solution

The results at Oxford Spires Academy have been low and this is why a new management team took over. If they want GCSE results to improve it isn’t acceptable for students to be missing lessons. The school requires a new way to teach music...
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