A Letter to My Future Self as a High School Graduate

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Rosalie Torres

Dear future senior me:
By now you should be on your way to college ready to become that astonishing person no one ever thought you would be. You should be ready to start the new adult life of getting to success. Hopefully all your high school goals are met by now because I would really appreciate it if I was a RN later on in the future. College is waiting for you remember all those goals you set while being a freshman? Yeah, I should tell you about it.

As many say “dreams don’t come true unless you make them come true.” Well I’m willing to put every bit of effort into my game to make my dreams come true. I should keep in mind that to get through school and get to a good career is not something easy! This is why you plan ahead and look into things you’re interested while you’re young and for this I’ve set goals.

High school I know won’t be very easy, but if I commit myself to study and try my best at everything I think everything will be good. I plan to focus more in class and not get distracted because at the end it’s only you who’s getting affected. Also staying for tutorials is something I do not like, but getting extra help is something more than a blessing! I will be in tutorials in every chance I can. Getting through high school with a B or higher is one of my goals as well.

College is also right around the corner nowhere far from me I plan to get a degree in what I will strive for which is a RN. While being in college I want to try and get everything out of the way as fast I can to get to my career and take classes I need at the instant their given to me. I plan to see myself graduating from a University later on somewhat like Texas Women’s University.

When I get to my career which will be the best part of my life I will try and make the best! Make this job successful with all my hard work and hopefully get into a hospital working as a RN. This is where my real life will start believe it or not. I will try my...
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