A Letter of Advice

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Communication, Marriage Pages: 8 (2316 words) Published: October 27, 2012


Com200 Interpersonal Communication
Prof. Sherell Harrell
May 8, 2012


I. Introduction
A. In life we are typically faced with the ins and outs of communication in many relationships in today’s society.

II. Identify the barriers to effective interpersonal communication 1. Identifying effective communication.
2. Ways to gain effective interpersonal communication.

III. Recognize how words have the power to create and affect attitudes, behaviors, and perception. 1. Learning how affective words can be.
2. Using words to communicate effectively.

IV. Understand how perception, emotions, and non verbal, expression affect interpersonal relationships. 1. Learning how ones gestures can give off the wrong message.

V. Conclusion



Donald Lee and Marshae Weathers
2059 Clouet St.
Monroe, La 71201

RE: Letter of Advice

Dear Donald and Marshae
I am pleased that you are seeking my personal advice on how to communicate in your relationship as soon to be newlyweds. A relationship is hard work that two people have to work hard at to build a stable foundation. I am under the assumption that you all are seeking my advice in relation to your new found growth in this relationship. The next step that you all are about to take in your relationship is called marriage, which is a very important step. Marriage is something that a couple should not take lightly, but as your friend I am here to give you all some great advice on to have an effective relationship before your wedding and after you all say I do. The advice that I will offer to you all will help maintain a very solid relationship/marriage. In my letter of advice, I will cover areas of interpersonal communication, such as identifying the barriers to effective interpersonal interaction. Develop strategies for active, critical, and empathic listening. Recognize how words have power to create and affect attitudes, behaviors, and perception. Understand how perceptions, emotions, and non-verbal expressions affect the interpersonal relationships. And last, evaluate appropriate levels of self-disclosure in


relationship. As we continue to gain effective communication advice, I am here to enlighten you all with my advice that is based off my personal experience as well as my research and studies. In our everyday life what we communicate is very important, whether we know it or not we are communicators. Our lives revolve around some form of interpersonal communication regardless of how we may feel about communicating with others. Some people that I have encounter in my life are non communicators. They will go into the world as if they are invisible, like no one is around and they are the only person in a room. I am saying this because you guys are about to embark on a relationship that can be rewarding and on the other hand can be the worst mistake of your life. In the mist of a relationship people forget about what was that thing that made them fall in love with their spouse.

When identifying the barriers to effective interpersonal interaction, you all will go through some majors trial and errors points of a relationship. However, when you identify what those barriers are to better communicate what is the problem in that is causing whatever it is that’s causing conflict in your relationship. In the text “Making Connections: Understanding Relationships,” Kathy Sole says that a basic level, interpersonal communication is the interaction between people; however, the interaction is far more complex than it might first seem. Interpersonal communication is a process composed of multiple elements, and skill and practice are required to be an effective communicator.

Well guys lets go ahead and began to identify...
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