A Leopard in My Life!

Topics: Democratic Republic of the Congo, English-language films, Republic Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: December 2, 2012
A Leopard in my life!
Never seen wild animal in the city, they are all kept in forest or at the zoo. There was a day which I called “a terrified day of my life”, I was 10 years old when I saw something scary that had never happened in my whole life. Early in the morning, I saw a wild animal appeared in my neighborhood while I was still back home, the Democratic Republic of Congo, my native country. The Democratic Republic of Congo is located in central of Africa where there is all kind of animals, just as in other countries around the world, but they live in wild forest, and some are captured and securely kept at the zoos for the public view without danger. Nobody can keep these animals at home as pets due to their dangerousness. However, there are some people who are proud of keeping this dangerous animal in their homes with fearless of exposing themselves and other individuals in the neighborhood. One day morning, I was talking with my friend, Alice, through the window across the street, and I saw a big beautiful colored animal walking on the street near my house. I tough it was a dog passing by, but my friend Alice said “I don’t think so; he is very big to be a dog.” My friend and I therefore closed our windows by fearing of that stranger animal. I had no idea about what that animal could be, but once I saw his light golden eyes, I got scared, froze and urinated on my pants for I had never seen that kind of animal. Few minutes after he passed by my house, I heard people screaming “lion”, other voices said “tiger”, and parents or older people were asking their children to go back inside the house. But at the middle of the day, the information on the radio warned people, especially parents to keep children safe inside the house for there was a tiger in the neighborhood. Couple days after that event, I was coming back from school with my brothers in the...
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