The Day When Neron Attacked Me

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Sikiu Angulo


Narrative Essay

The Night When Neron Attacked Me

When I was a child, my sisters and I used to go every afternoon to my grandmother’s house. We loved to play in the back yard because there were many animals: five cats, ten canary birds, two turtles and a dog. We were allowed to play with everything that was in the backyard except with the dog because our grandmother didn’t permit it. My grandmother always said that we had to be aware of the dog because it was very aggressive and didn’t like to play with children and people. Neron, the dog’s name, was a big dog, a mixture of German Shepherd and wolf, with black and cold eyes. During the day, he was tied to a tree in the back part of the yard, but at nights, he was free to roam the yard. I clearly remember that Neron never barked at my sister or me. Instead, when we were paying, he only looked at us with those cold eyes, in silence and with strange calmness, as though he were waiting for something. On the night of November 18, 1980, as my grandmother, sisters and aunts watched in horror, my life changed forever. It was the night when Neron attacked me.

The day began as usual. My sisters, Karina, Nancy and I, were playing at our home as we did every day. That night, my mother decided to send us to my grandmother’s house. So, my grandmother, who lived close to my mother’s house, picked us up at 8 p.m. When we got to my grandmother’s house, she told us in a serious voice: “Don’t get in the house before I tell you.” After that, she went to the back yard, so we stayed alone for a few minutes. I guess she was checking that Neron was tied. Being an impatient child, I couldn’t wait for her, so I decided to get into the house. Soon, Neron appeared like a shadow. When I saw him, I got paralyzed. I couldn’t speak at all. My legs were frozen, and my mind went blank. Neron looked at me with angry eyes, and soon he ran to me and hit me with his legs. I fell down on the...
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