A Hard Childhood

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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A hard childhood, a mother that treat her children in a very bad way, that’s how the author is trying to reach us. The author also tells us how she got helped from a numerous therapy sessions. It hard for any human being to get pass that kind of anger and hatred. Children always look u t their parents, and when your parent intend to beat you, try to kidnap you and your brother, try to kill the father with a chainsaw, you wont grow up as an full healthy person. You will have some disorders. And this is what the author went through and disorganized attachment is what you probably will get from that. The disorganizing experiences impair the child’s ability to integrate the functions of the mind that enable him to regulate emotions and cope with stress. It has been proven that parental abuse has been actually shown to damage the areas of the child’s growing brain that enable neural integration.

The author is in a relationship were she describes that her partner is hitting her and make her feel bad, and every time that happens she just bends over one incident that the author describes in details. And that’s when her mother hired a hijacker to kidnap here little brother and the mother will pick up the author and take her. But the cops got alerted and when the author saw her mother getting hand cuffed she still seek the comfort from her mother. The author is telling us about all the people who were beaten up or mentally and emotionally abused that they might suffer from insecurities especially when they are in a relationship. She also tells us that the best way to get over the fear of losing someone or feeling insecure is to go for therapy sessions and let it all out.
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