A Gap of Sky. Short Story

Topics: Short story, Mind, Addiction Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: February 1, 2013
A Gap of Sky
A Gap of Sky is a short story by Anna Hope which deals with the pressure from society and the consequences of it. In our modern society many young people feel the pressure to be perfect like a heavy weight on their shoulders. You need a long, good education. You need to be attractive, be social and have lots of friends. Sometimes the pressure can become too much and you forget what is important in life and gets on the wrong track. In A Gap of Sky we meet Ellie a nineteen year old girl clearly struggling with the pressure from society and her own dreams. She seems in conflict with herself about what she really wants. She studies at a university in London but is close to getting expelled due to her lack of activity and finished assignments and when she wakes up after a long night of partying, she remembers that she has an assignment about Virginia Woolf and if she does not hand it in, she will very likely be expelled. The short story is written chronological and by an omniscient third person narrator but A GAP of Sky also uses the stream of consciousness. We are inside the head of Ellie and are constantly hearing her inner thoughts. For example on page 2 line, 36 “Should she do the essay first, print it in the morning? No. No time. Needs to be handed in at nine.” We are inside the head of Ellie and hearing her steam of thought. It easily feels like Ellie are the narrator also because of the language used. There is a lot of swearing “How the fuck did she manages to sleep for so long” (page 1, line 16), “coffee plunged, poured, slurped; hot, fuck that’s hot” (page 1, line 35). The narrator is not just telling what is happening but how Ellie perceives it. Ellie are having troubles in her life. She is doing drugs, having a hard time performing well in school, and that she does not have a profound social relationship. And it seems she has a difficult relationship with her parents. I will later discuss her relationship with her parents further. In...
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