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Erin initially appeared to cope with her parents' divorce well. Later, she exhibited problems with school and in her friendships. Her response to risk is an example of:

A. a. a coping factor.

B. b. denial.

C. c. aftershock.

D. d. the sleeper effect.

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When Antonia grabs a handful of candy from a bowl on the table, her brother Leonard yells, "No! You're only supposed to take one piece!" According to Freudian theory, Leonard's reaction represents the:

A. a. id.

B. b. ego.

C. c. superego.

D. d. sibling rivalry.

According to Tomasello's (1999) evolutionary perspective, the central feature of human cognitive development that distinguishes humans from other primates is the ability to:

A. a. understand the intentions of others.

B. b. think abstractly.

C. c. solve problems in the environment in which we inhabit.

D. d. use language.

Which of the following statements does NOT describe the structural-organismic perspectives of development of Freud and Piaget?

A. a. The stages that occur during development are universal.

B. b. Psychological structures and processes within the child are critical to development.

C. c. Objective reality is central in the child's development.

D. d. Development is discontinuous.

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Each ovum and each sperm contain:

A. a. 23 pairs of chromosomes.

B. b. 23 chromosomes.

C. c. 46 chromosomes.

D. d. no chromosomes.

Each DNA molecule is capable of:

A. a. reconstructing itself.

B. b. recreating a similar but not identical molecule.

C. c. synthesizing carbohydrates.

D. d. triggering mutations.

Most serious deleterious alleles are:

A. a. dominant.

B. b. codominant.

C. c. recessive.

D. d. no longer a part of the gene pool.

The increased lifespan in recent years of individuals with Down syndrome...
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