A Fantasy Fairy Tale Wedding Royalty and Romance.

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  • Published : April 22, 2012
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A Fantasy Fairy Tale Wedding Royalty and Romance: aren’t these at the heart of every union? It’s no wonder that the fairytale wedding also known as “Happily Ever After” or “Dreams Do Come True,” to name just two – never goes out of fashion. You have thought about it since you were a little girl. When playing dress-up, you may have even dressed as a princess, a bride, a fairy tale heroine or maybe Cinderella. You pictured yourself and dreamed about being swept by your prince charming. Though now you are all grown up, your dream of having a Fairy Tale wedding did not diminish. Now is the time to prepare for, and transform your dream into reality.

After you have reeled in your help, you need to then decide what type of wedding you want to have. There are several types of weddings a person could choose from. There is the traditional wedding, which is also called formal wedding. There are those that are called civil ceremonies. There is religious weddings, non-traditional weddings, and military weddings to name a few - and then anything else the bride and groom might invent. A ceremony can be performed in a house of worship or in a garden in your back yard; in a helicopter flying over Niagara Falls or underwater in the Caribbean. It can be performed anywhere your heart desires. The most popular wedding for modern brides is the formal wedding. The formal wedding still holds onto many traditions, but it is a little less expensive. It takes place at any time of the day that is convenient for the family. The wedding can be held in the same places as the very formal wedding, but also can be held at home. At a formal wedding, the bride wears the fanciest dress she can stand. If her age, dignity, figure, or personality leave her less than eager to don a big white wedding gown, she can wear the most elaborate dress that she would ordinarily consider wearing to the kind of party she’s holding (thus, an evening gown for a cocktail party reception, but a garden party dress for an afternoon tea). Her attendants dress comparably, with evening gowns for evening and lawn dresses for daytime. The men wear formal wear appropriate to the time of day. There are between two to six attendants and the best man can help ushering. A very formal wedding is the most expensive type of wedding, but is also the more traditional way to go. The ceremony is held in a church, synagogue, temple, large club, or a hotel during the evening. Generally there are around 200 - 500 guests. One usher is assigned to every fifty guests. There are between 4 and 12 attendants (groomsmen and bridesmaids), one or two flower girl’s one or two ring bearers and one or two trainbearers, depending on the brides dress type. It’s a very richly decorated ceremony with elaborate floral decorations and very formal elegant gowns. Very formal wedding includes: elaborate, engraved wedding invitations on heavy cardstock, extravagant, traditional flowers, a large reception dinner at an exclusive hotel, restaurant, or club, a full orchestra or band.

A religious wedding is by far the most common of the wedding ceremonies, a religious wedding ceremony, is still really popular. It becomes a “problem” only if you and your intended are of different faiths, but many churches are working together now to help inter-faith couples marry. Depending on your chosen church, it's even possible to have two officiates marry you at the same time. The best thing to do is to check with your minister, priest or rabbi and find out what the options are, and then discuss it. You may need to work on one of your first compromises - picking the best of both worlds to create something truly unique to you!

A semiformal wedding is easier to put together than a formal wedding, and it also allows for nontraditional elements in both the ceremony and the reception. Most weddings are semiformal, and guests may be more comfortable with this type of event. The bride may still wear a...
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