The Princess and All the Kingdom

Topics: Marriage, Love, Prince Pages: 3 (882 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Elizabeth Freeman 12/15/11 Honors English One Blue Mrs. Merrill

“The Princess and All the Kingdom”
“The Princess and All the Kingdom” shows how responsibility causes people to grow up and mature very quickly. The prince in the story starts out very selfish and impulsive. He goes out and fights his way across the kingdom in order to marry the princess. The princess is the love of his life but she does not know who he is. The prince achieves his goal and the princess agrees to marry him. They get married that day and everyone celebrates. It wasn’t until that night that the prince is told that he is now king of the kingdom and must rule the land. The theme of “The Princess and All the Kingdom” by Pat Lagerkvist is that in order for someone to get what they want they must accept the responsibility of it and mature during the process of achieving it.

In the beginning of the story the prince fights and ravages his way across the kingdom, not caring what the princess wanted or what the consequences of his actions would be. The prince acts impulsively and doesn’t know consequences of his rash actions. All the prince cares about in marrying his one and only love, the princess. “Once upon a time there was a prince, who went out to fight in order to win the princess, whose beauty was greater than all the others’ and whom he loved above everything. He dared his life, he battled his way step by step through the country, ravaging it; nothing could stop him.” This quote shows the prince’s bravery and love for the princess. All the prince wants though is the princess’s hand in marriage and nothing else. He only thinks of himself when he is fighting and not of the princess or the people he will be ruling when he marries the princess. All of his impulsive fighting and selfish reasons for fighting blind him from the fact that he will have many...
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