A Doll's House.

Topics: Drama, Tragedy, A Doll's House Pages: 3 (1229 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Many critics have seen the Krogstad-Mrs. Linde sub-plot as weakening the play. Do you agree?

“You haven’t known much trouble or hardship in your own life” says Ms. Linde to Nora in their first conversation. Ms. Linde who is part of the sub-plot is used as a convenient device for exposition but also to introduce idea’s in the play, being that she is an “old” friend of Nora’s. A doll’s house is a tragic play written in the form of a well-made play by Ibsen who wants to introduce the idea of social control and expectations in society. Ibsen uses Krogstad and Ms. Linde as tools for convenience and flow to the play, although it has been criticized that they are unnecessary and therefore weaken the overall plot of the tragedy. In this essay I will be investigating the involvement of Krogstad and Mrs. Linde and their overall impact on the play.

Classical tragedies abide to the three unities of time, space and action. These unities are believed to insure that the plot remains focused upon by the audience and therefore adding to the effect of the tragedy. Critics argue that Krogstad and Ms. Linde are an unnecessary part of the play with a seemingly unclear role in the drama. Their presence disrupts the audience attention away from Trovald and Nora, which in turn reduces the dramatic effect of the tragedy. In the first scene of the play Ms. Linde enters and asks Nora for a position in the bank. Within their conversation Nora is explaining her current position and the debt that she has to pay. The information that Nora explains is important, however Ms. Linde’s purpose in this scene served only to be as a convenient tool to express Nora’s current situation. Ms. Linde in this conversation simply asks questions which Nora continues to answer giving the audience further understanding of the plot. Ms. Linde would ponder upon important topics, such as when she asks “And since then have you never told your secret to your husband?” this question and the idea of keeping...
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