A Doll House

Topics: A Doll's House, Henrik Ibsen, Norway Pages: 2 (817 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Social Issues in A Doll House
In the play A Doll House written by Henrick Isben several social issues were revealed. Considering the time period, women had little to no rights at all. They were basically expected to have no voice, and to just keep a happy home. The main social issues that are portrayed in the play mostly stem from a high level of disrespect for women that are presented in several different ways.

When Nora opens up about her secret to Mrs. Linde, she expresses to her, “I’ve got something to be proud of and happy for. I’m the one who saved Torvald’s life” (Isben 1716). Who wouldn’t want to have the opportunity to save their significant others life? Nora honestly felt like she had done the right thing for the man that she loved, even if it did mean having to go behind his back. When Nora is asked if Torvald knows she replies, “For heaven’s sake, no! Are you serious? He’s so strict on that subject” (Isben 1717). Nora explains that it would break up her happy beautiful home. This is a great example of the disrespect that Torvald shows Nora. She never felt comfortable telling him something so big, because she knew he would react horribly. Nora continues on and tells Mrs. Linde that she maybe could tell Torvald, “years from now, when I’m no longer attractive” (Isben 1717). This statement from Nora confirms that she really has no place in her marriage to say anything. The fact that she honestly believes that she should wait until Torvald isn’t as in love with her as he is now is ridiculous. No women should have to be so belittled to the fact that they are afraid to be honest.

A woman being treated differently was not at all uncommon during this time. Men were superior to women, and everyone was aware of that. A woman needed to know her place, and having a voice was not in that description. This was something that Krogstad used against Nora. He reminds her that he is in complete control of her fate as far as her secret goes, no...
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