A Detailed Lesson Plan About the Types of Listening

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I. Objectives
At the end of the class, the students are expected to:
a. Analyze the different types of listening and hindrances (roadblocks) towards listening; b. Appreciate and value the importance of listening;
c. Apply the types of listening.

II. Subject Matter
Types of Listening and the roadblocks towards Listening

Instructional Materials:
Cell phoneVisual Aids

Good Morning class! Please standThe students will stand. for the invocation.

Before you take your seat, please pickThe students will pick the scatteredthe pieces of scattered papers.papers and put it to the trash can
before taking their seat.

So today, we would like you to bring out your pen and paper because we will be
having an activity for today that will facilitated
by ____________________.The students will bring out their pens and papers and will thoroughly listen
to the instruction that will be given.

For today, we will play a song entitled
“Father and son”. So, anyone here knows
or familiar with the song?Few students will raise their hands.

Okay, all you have to do is to listen to the
song and fill the missing lyrics on the board
that will be written on your papers.The student will listen to the song and will follow the instruction that teacher asked them to do.

The teacher will reveal the answers andOne student who got the correct check who among them got the answers answers will raise their hands.

Now, I want to ask all of you, what is the story One student will answer the question.
of the song you have listened all about?

III. Lesson Proper

So class, to the activity we haveListening
done earlier, what skill did you use?
Is it listening, reading, speaking or writing?

Very good! Can anybody from the class define One student will give his insight.

Alright, so listening is the act of hearingA student will answer.
Attentively and processing what we have
heard. What do you think is the importance
of listening?

That’s excellent.
Listening is important for us to be able toYes ma’am.
empathize and sympathize to the speaker we
we are communicating with. Understand class?

In relation to listening, we have 6 levels of A student will read.
listening. Number one is ignoring, please
read the meaning of it ______________.

Ignoring simply means neglecting what the
Speaker is talking about. For example, ______
is talking about the class project and _______
is doing something else, therefore, _________
is ignoring ________.

Next level is pretending wherein you are
physically looking at the speaker but really not
listening at all.

So, what is the next level class? ______ please read.Selective Listening.
The student will read.

Selective listening is when you listen to whatYes ma’am.
you want to listen only. For example, the speaker is
talking about aeronautics, and you’re interested with
airplanes. So you’ll only listen to the part of talk that
is related with airplanes only. Is it clear class?
The fourth level is the attentive listening, whereYes ma’am.
you as a listener concentrates on what the speaker
talks about, and it is the best level of listening that
everyone should possess. For example, _______ is
attentively listening to what I am saying, therefore
he can answer whatever question I’ll be asking because
he attentively listened. Understand?

Fifth level, Sympathetic. _________, please read.A student will read the meaning the meaning of sympathetic listening.

Thank you. Moreover, Sympathetic listening isYes Ma’am.
sympathizing to the speaker or to the story the
speaker talks about. Sympathize,...
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