Listening Analysis Sample

Topics: Attention, Sense, Boredom Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Nguyet Bui
CJN 177- Prof.Janet Oliver
Feb 5th, 2013
I choose to talk about my Math class, which is MATH 165 with Prof. Edgar. This class is Calculus I. We are learning to understand the “instantaneous” change, by which we mean changes over tiny intervals of time. First, when I saw the class’s description I guessed that it would be a really interesting class. But this one is sort of boring because of the professor and some students. The class begins at 10a.m. Some of the students come late and sleepy. This is a “listener distraction” (31) because when someone enters the room, they stop our concentration on the lecture and also the concentration of the professor. Sometimes the professor has to stop teaching to hand out their homework, quiz or assignment. Some of the students use their laptop and cell phone to chat instead of researching. In my opinion, this distraction is very serious because they are not listening. It’s very disrespectful to the professor and other students who are trying to focus when most of the class is looking at their screens or chatting and laughing. Even though there are some distractions from a couple of students, there are also many students who are really engaged and interested in Calculus. In class, a couple of students are not interested in Calculus, which includes many things like Limits, Rate of changes and Derivatives. This is because they don’t have Calculus backgrounds. However, some students and I are really interested in studying and listening to those topics again because we all know and understand Calculus from our high schools. So this class is kind of easy for us. This is called “selective perception” because we are interested in the lecture due to knowing the information already (30). Having a Calculus background doesn’t mean I excel in it. It is not a good idea to ignore what the teacher says and do other things because of “over confidence” (32). Sometimes I...
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