A Day I Will Never Forget Ron Wallace

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  • Published : April 9, 2011
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Ron Wallace

Mrs. Hutchinson

English 75D

February 2, 2011

A day I will never forget is the last football game of my eighth grade year. We the Saint Jo Panthers were undefeated, and we were playing the Wild Cats, who also were undefeated. The game started out slow with neither team scoring their first three positions. The Wild Cats drew first blood with a long touchdown. They went for the two-point conversion, since I knew what play they were running by the way they lined up, a quarterback draw, fake, pass. I was able to stop them. The Wild Cats scored a field goal before we finally scored a touchdown. We did not make our two-point conversion, so at half time; the score was Wild Cats nine, Panthers six. No one scored in the third quarter. Then early in the final quarter, the Wild Cats scored another field goal to make the score twelve to six. Coach Seymour was upset, and he pulled us to the sidelines. Coach put me back at guard, and Benny Sour at center. He told our quarterback Curtis Gulf to run quarterback sneak every play. Therefore, we ran the quarterback sneak every play and scored a touchdown. We did not have a good kicker, so we went for the two-point conversion again. The Wild Cats knew right where we going but could not stop the quarterback sneak. We won the game fourteen to twelve, so the way we won the game was one I will never forget.
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