A Day in a Life of a 16 Year Old Chef

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  • Published : December 30, 2011
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By: Frances Rios
Hello. My name is Frances Rios. It is not easy starting to get ready to become a chef. We will explore some of the wonderful / artistic wonders of becoming a chef on this paper. There are many things I have to and want to do with this career. Here they are: I have to go to college, I have to practice twenty-four seven on my tons of recipes, and also where I want to go with cooking. There are many things also that I have to do to get my career started. If I listed all the things. I would be here forever. I love cooking and I always will I hope you enjoy what you are about to read.I would have to go to three different schools for cooking. The first one that I would have to is Le Cordine bleu .Le Cordine bleu is a 4 year school. Also it is a very economical school. This school will show me two different teqniques I can apply to my cooking. The first one is that they teach me classic French techniques which would be amazing because it is one of the types of foods I would be cooking. The seconded school that I would have to go to is called The Wilton. This is a 6 month school. It has 3 main courses .The first one I would have to take is decorating basics. I would learn the proper ways to learn how to frost a cake and so on. In this 6 month school I will also learn how to make different kinds of colorful and beautiful extra decorations. This would be a great school for my bakery career. The last school that I would have to go to is le Cordine bleu. There are two differences in this le Cordine blue is located in Paris, France also it’s more expansive. The reason why I want to go all the way to Paris for is that it is the very place that has the best bakery and pastry school. This school will touch on the foundation and skills of becoming a top bakery chef. To become the best at what you want to do you have to practice.The next thing I have to do is practice practice practice. There...
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