A Clockwork Orange: the Feelingless and Affectless Man, Living in a Mechanical Society

Topics: A Clockwork Orange, Nadsat, Anthony Burgess Pages: 6 (2544 words) Published: December 11, 2007
A Clockwork Orange: The Feelingless and Affectless Man, Living In a Mechanical Society In today's society the value of one's being has been abused. No longer do we foster the idea of nurturing our young, rather society has become detached from showing and sharing emotion. Becoming a society focused on technology, people have become merely objects of a mechanical society. Technology has reached an era of denaturing human nature; technology has made society lazy by making everything substitutable by inventions. Society has begun to follow a trend, thus believing nurturing parents and families are of the past. Modification advancements have started to replace tender loving care. Due to this rising trend families are no longer viewed as healthy, functional families, instead many children are not receiving the attention they deserve. After reviewing Anthony Burgesses A Clockwork Orange, one can locate a rising problem in today's society. Illustrating the need for acceptance to create personal success to find peace in one's life, A Clockwork Orange shows how being so deprived of love and support throughout adolescence can lead to a life of failure and violence. Thus, suggesting the true importance of a well structured support system. The role of society and behavior modification proves just how important individual attention can be and how unnecessary it is to condition a human being. Supporting this argument in all aspects, A Clockwork Orange provides a powerful insight to the extreme world of personal struggle and dehumanization. Family structures and household environments have always been a topic of the past, but now more than ever with behavior issues on the rise and society's high expectations, the finger should be pointed at the parental figure/ figures involved. The vital importance of parental support from a parental figure provides the backbone for ones individual up-bringing. Parents are the first people a child learns to trust, teaching the child how to create relationships with outside parties. Parents and families are considered the most important people in children's lives. All children rely on their parents for support regardless of whether it is a physical support or an emotional support, especially so during the early years of childhood. Hence, parents play an important role in all areas of a child's life including the child's character molding and also in all their learning skills. Providing a parental role in a child's life provides them with a sense of direction and belonging, without this guide a child is sure to lead astray. For instance, in A Clockwork Orange Anthony Burgess portrays this situation in his novel through his character Alex, a young teen whose actions are crying for attention and love. Struggling to find true affection, throughout the novel Alex displays many violent actions, all of which are due to his insecurity. Having no true direction from his mother and father, Alex finds himself on a metaphorical search for "HOME." According to Todd Davis, Alex's lack of any functional family system in which he can interact and mature with causes him to fulfill his own desires to belong and be accepted since he can not count on the abilities of others(4). Alex being at the age of adolescents is search for his own personal self as he struggles to fit in and be accepted, he goes about dressing in his own manner, using the Nadsat language, abusing drugs and violence. Alex naturally begins manufacturing his own artificial personality and traits while creating his own independence and personal self image. Creating his own being Alex turns to body image, drugs, language and friends to find a balance of security. Searching for masculinity, Alex tries to create his own manhood by extenuating his adolescent figure. Using imagines to conceal a manly identity, Alex tries to create a male authority figure in his life by making himself look much older. By giving himself sexual appeal, Alex...
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