Middle Childhood

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Middle Childhood and Adolescence
January 11, 2011

Middle Childhood and Adolescence

Parents who are firm and less critical helped their children shape their unique self confidence from middle childhood to adulthood. If asked what was the best yeas in your life span you may consider those times when you were mischievous in your childhood days. It may even take you back to the adolescent days when you were in junior high and you thought that you had all friends and was in the best groups in school. These are just some of the areas that you may consider. In this paper we will review the time between middle childhood to adolescence touching on the effects of functional and dysfunctional family dynamics on development look at the positive and negative impact of peers and changes in peer relations from middle childhood to adolescence. Examine additional pressures faced in adolescence compared to middle childhood and discuss the development of moral values from middle childhood into adolescence.

Functional and Dysfunction

In my evaluation of the effect of a functional and dysfunctional family dynamics and development it is recognized the effects family and chosen role models have is fundamental to individual development. Dysfunctional or psychologically unhealthy families inherit or develop negative roles or defense mechanisms where people are trapped in. These are demonstrated at times when under pressure or a crisis situation where our defense mechanisms become effective. At the same time functional or healthy families that foster positive development where trust, love and honest, open relationships thrive. Dysfunctional families produce insecurities and normal development may not happen and at times be stopped. Members of the family commonly one or more will have some problem that affects the rest of the family. Things like abuse, neglect, alcohol are some of the disorders. In most families there are...
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