A Christmas Miracle

Topics: Baseball, Running, Walking Pages: 1 (482 words) Published: December 11, 2012
A Christmas Miracle – From a parents point of view
I was attending a parent – teacher meet in my sons’ school one afternoon, and when I was called upon stage to speak a few words about him, I just had one story to tell, One life changing story in my sons life, that was sure to bring tears to my eyes as well as all the other parents and students. Jake was not like other normal fourteen year old boys, he had a disorder and took time to understand things, he couldn’t even talk or walk properly. One Christmas evening I decided to take him out for a walk in the snow. We walked past a huge open field, and to my dismay there was an ice baseball tournament there. Jake eyeing the other boys playing asked me if he could join them. I knew that the boys from our team – The Rosewood Team wanted to win the match and there was no way they would want Jake to play for them but I saw that hope in his eyes and decided to give it a shot. I went ahead and asked the captain of the team if they would let Jake play with them, the captain said that they would try to put him in last. Hearing this I was very pleased and shocked but I made Jake wear his jersey and he patiently waited for his turn. When Jake had to go on, Rosewood was losing by two points, they knew they would surely lose the game if Jake played but yet they told him to give it his best shot. The pitcher noticing that Jake had a problem, walked a few inches ahead and threw the ball gently, Jake missed. Once again he walked ahead to throw the ball, this time with even less force Jake swung the bat but was too early. The catcher now noticing that his teammate was helping Jake decided to help him too. The third time Jake managed to touch the ball, all his teammates started screaming for him to go run to the first base, Jake did as he was told and ran ahead to the second base. The opposing team caught the ball but they decided not to throw it and to let Jake make a home run. Jake half walking half...
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