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  • Published : July 2, 2011
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• Masigla, Jodi Ann D.

• Ramirez, Diana Marie M.


I. Persons Involved

|Latoya - |The one who was writing an email to| | |Jeff. She is Marcus’ sister. | |Marcus - |He is Latoya’s brother. He wanted | | |to get rid of Jeff, so he changed | | |her sister’s letter that was | | |addressed to him but it wasn’t | | |stated in the story if he had sent | | |it, since he was uncertain about | | |what he’s just about to do. | |Friend who called….- |The one who called on the phone for| | |Latoya. This person is the reason | | |for the interruption Latoya had | | |when she was writing her e-mail to | | |Jeff. | |Jeff - |This guy is Latoya’s boyfriend to | | |whom she had quarreled with. He is | | |also Latoya’s recipient in her | | |e-mail. |

II. Time Context

- The problem occurred when Latoya, Marcus’ sister, left the computer for a phone call the moment when she was about to finish doing an e-mail for his boyfriend.

III. Case Viewpoint

- In the stated story, at first it is possible to mistakenly assume that the problem is on Latoya’s part. But actually, the one person where the real problem is centered to in here is on Marcus’, Latoya’s brother. He has the problem since it was obviously being implied in the story that he had intruded her sister’s privacy by...
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