What a Brother Knows Essay

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The Things a Brother Knows Essay

There are many relationships throughout the book The Things a Brother Knows by Dana Reinhardt. Levi’s relationships vary throughout the book. Levi’s main relationships are with Boaz, Perl and Zim, along with Christina.

Levi’s relationship with his brother Boaz seems rocky. There are quite a few ups and downs. When Boaz first arrives home, Boaz would not come out of his room. Levi could somewhat relate to how Boaz was feeling. Levi ended up letting Boaz use his laptop. Everything was going fine until Boaz found out that Levi was looking through his history. Later when Boaz finally leaves for his trip Levi gets worried about him and is curious on where he is going. A few days later Levi goes looking for him.

Levi has a strong relationship with his two best friends Pearl and Zim. Pearl and Zim are both jealous of each other, because they both want to be Levi’s best friend. Yet Levi tries to treat them equal. Zim seems to always be there when Levi needs to talk about Boaz. When Levi told Zim that Boaz was lying about going hiking, Zim always tried to make positive comments. Pearl is also a supportive friend. On the trip to find Boaz Levi did not want to spend his money on a hotel because, he wanted his money to last him the whole trip, so Pearl ended up paying for the hotel.

Levi has a somewhat close relationship with his brothers ex girlfriend Christina. Ever since Levi was younger he thought that Christina was good looking with a nice personality. When Boaz arrived home Christina had come to visit him. While she was waiting to talk to Boaz Christina and Levi had a close conversation. Later Levi ended up dreaming about Christina.

Levi has many relationships in the book What a Brother Knows. Some of the relationships are good, but some of the relationships are rocky at times. Throughout the rest of the book I am sure most of Levi’s relationships with his brother Boaz, his friends Pearl and Zim, along with Boaz's ex...
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