A Case Study on City'Super vs China Resources Vanguard (Crv)

Topics: Supermarket, Customer service, Upper middle class Pages: 4 (780 words) Published: June 30, 2012
1. Who are their target customers?

"Target customers are those who are most likely to buy from you".

A) City'super

City'super is a high-end supermarket chain in Hong Kong. Younger than its rivals in the business, and with a new concept of making "grocery shopping" into an exciting and enjoyable experience, City'super's primary target customers are the middle class or the upper middle class with a household income of HK$40,000 upwards per month. They are probably business executives or professionals with higher education level working in or near the central business districts. This group of people tends to have stronger interest in foreign culture and have a greater demand for a higher standard of living.

The selection of the target group is expressly stated in the company literature and also clearly reflected by its choice of shop locations. Besides, the pricing strategy (relatively high price), merchandising strategy (trendy and quality items with style and taste sourced all over the world) and the promotion strategy (regular promotional events organized at its stores such as Okinawa Fair and Shizuoka Fair from Food Division, Travel Fair, Back to School and various design and cultural exhibitions from Life Division) all echo to the needs and wants of their primary target segments.

B) China Resources Vanguard Superstores

China Resources Vanguard (HK) Co., Ltd runs China Resources Vanguard Superstores (CRV), which is one of the largest supermarket chains in Hong Kong. The word "Vanguard" is chosen for a reason. "Vanguard" pronunciation in Chinese sounds like the meaning of "millions of families", which implies the intention of providing their service for the general mass, the ordinary people. CRV has, however, tried to get a larger slice of the market by also targeting the middle class. Such intention is evidenced in its company literature as well as the location of its Superstores.

2. What are the critical needs of target customers?...
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