A Bodybuilding Subculture

Topics: Bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mr. Olympia Pages: 6 (2092 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Eng. 1400
Dr. DuBose
The History and Evolution of a Huge Subculture

Many subcultures have derived since the beginning of time. They could be classified through religion, culture, style, outlook on life and many other aspects. The one subculture that has grown tremendously through out time is a very hard one to notice as a subculture opposed to a sport. Its said that bodybuilding started way back in the times of great philosophers like Plato who believed that a man should strive for a balance between mind and body and that there should be harmony between the two. Also Plato believed with out a well-conditioned body the mind would ultimately suffer. Taken into aspect obviously someone perused the great words of a historic philosopher or bodybuilders wouldn’t be around today. Bodybuilding began when a new interest in muscle building arose in the beginning of the nineteenth century. When muscle building started in the early nineteen hundreds it was not used for a form of survival or defense. The Greek idea of bodybuilding was a way to celebrate the human body. This is where the modern age of a subculture started with the era when ancient stone lifting was popular. As this huge subculture continued to develop it slowly attached it self to many other cultures. Like in Europe where bodybuilding was a form of entertainment where big fat guys lifted rocks and didn’t care what they really looked like. As for Americans though they were much more concerned about they’re heath and appearance opposed to just being strong. As America developed more t started becoming a much more disgusting place with people who just didn’t care what they looked liked as long as they where alive and didn’t care what they ate as long as it tasted good. For the physical culturists in these societies they battled to stay away from this way of life and felt as if the nation needed someone other then a rock lifting, beer drinking, pot belled European strong man. What this society needed was a role model whose physic could speak for it self and one who more closely resembled a Greek athlete. There was such a human out there and his name was Eugen Sandow. Sandow came to America in the 1890’s and was labeled as the first real strong man not only out doing every man in strength competitions but also keeping extremely lean and ripped while staying strong. Not long after Sandow emerged many others started on the same path like George Hackenschmidt known as The Russian Lion and after George came Arthur Saxson, Hermann Goerner, and Charles Atlas. These and many other men out there are the reason bodybuilding is what it is today. Not only did all of these men use the dynamics of isometrics to produce amazing physics but they are also what led to the transition of weight training and figuring out building the perfect physic was a combination of the dieting, weight training and having a positive mental out look on what you where doing. The transition to bodybuilding actually happened around 1930 when men like Sigmond Klein appeared with extreme definition, an amazing muscular shape, proportion, and balance will maintaining a frightening low body fat. But by nineteen thirty-nine a change started occurring. The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) created the Mr. America contest in Chicago on July forth. Even at this time all the contestants were not at all considered bodybuilders but came from all types of different sports to show off the physique they have worked so hard for .A year later after the first Mr. America in nineteen thirty nine the first real modern bodybuilding event was held in nineteen forty. Known today, as the first real modern body builder Clearance “Clancy” Ross is who set the pace at which bodybuilders today follow. Clearance developed an amazing physique having built up flaring lats, wide shoulders, a narrow waist, and ripped abs is what really set off the capability of altering the human body with simple movements and dieting....
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