Never Too Buff

Topics: Hulk Hogan, Adonis, Rhetoric Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Essay 4: Rough Draft
Never Too Buff
In his essay, “Never Too Buff,” Cloud argues that men are becoming more obsessed with their bodies and that “an increasing number of young men yearn for the steroid-boosted and buff bodies typical of today’s action heroes and weightlifters” (Cloud). Cloud effectively supports his argument using the rhetorical appeals of logos, ethos, and pathos. NOT FINISHED WITH INTRO

From beginning to end, John Cloud uses facts, statistics, and quotes from experts, which provides evidence that a real problem exists. It may be already known to you that many women can be unsatisfied with their chest size, concerned about having acne, and are unhappy with their body so they binge eat. But did you also know that “about 40 percent of Americans who go on compulsive eating sprees are men. Thirty-eight percent of men want bigger pecs, while only 34 percent of women want bigger breasts. And more boys have fretted about zits than girls, going back to a 1972 study” (Cloud). This is just one of the many facts that Cloud presents in his essay, making it very effective because he shows the logic. After reading The Adonis Complex, written by psychiatrists Harrison Pope and Katharine Phillips and psychologist Roberto Olivardia, Cloud uses a lot of their information in the story. This helps the readers see facts and get a better understanding.

The author uses ethos effectively by making his essay sound credible. While reading this, I saw a lot of facts and Cloud was backing up everything he said. At one point he talks about the amount of money spent on fitness, looks, and working out. Cloud backs this up with a fact saying, “Last year American men forked over $2 billion for gym memberships and another $2 billion for home exercise equipment…Men’s Health magazine had 250,000 subscribers in 1990; now it has 1.6 million. In 1996 alone, men underwent some 700,000 cosmetic procedures”. This shows that the author knew what he was talking about....
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