A Blessing

Topics: Feeling, Emotion, Psychology Pages: 1 (430 words) Published: May 23, 2013
“A Blessing” by James Wright
“A Blessing” by James Wright is a poem to me that talks about feeling clam and being blessed to have the opportunity to be with the Indian ponies. I think this poem is about the author getting the opportunity to be with the Indian ponies because they calm him down from troubles he might be having in his life. Also I think this poem talks about when the author is with the ponies his troubles just fly away; a true blessing. I believe Wright is trying to explain throughout his poem that you should enjoy the simple pleasures that are available in life. This poem makes me feel happy and delighted. Although out of everything in the poem my favorite part is the beginning. The begging is the best part because it has lots of imagery and just brightens my mood in general. My mood is brought up by the poem because of how happy the tone Wright uses. “A Blessing” also made me think about the simple free pleasures in our life that are left invisible. “Twilight bounds softly forth on the grass, and the eyes of those two Indian ponies,” is a part from the poem that I think is the strongest. The few lines from the poem introduces what the whole poem is going to be about. Also it just gives me a picture of peace and starts to show me what the poem is going to be about Although overall after reading the poem yes, I enjoy and like the poem “A Blessing” poem as a whole. “A Blessing” just brings out the sun on a rainy day. For an example when I was reading the poem my mood might not have been all that great but the poem helped. Also I might now have realized before that some of the simple pleasures are just left un-seen. Sometimes people might not have money to go on vacations; but just think about that. In the poem for an example getting such a pleasure out of the ponies was completely free. The poem made me realize that there are no excuses to ignore the simple pleasures. In life there is no reason to ignore the simple pleasures because...
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