My Papa Waltz

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My Papa’s Waltz
The theme of this poem is about a father and son and their relationship together. When I read this poem for the first time I thought it was about parental abuse from all the negative words. After my analysis of the poem I then found out that it’s about a father and his son one night when he comes back a little drunk and they start dancing and the son wants to stay up and keep playing when put to bed. This is a happy poem even though there are some negative words in the poem, it makes you think back on all the great times you have had with your father.

My analysis of the poem and what it means to me is that in the first stanza I think it is about a father when he comes back home and he has been drinking, and then starts to dance with his son and they were doing the waltz dance. In the seconded stanza it shows what the mother’s point of view and focus is that she does not like what she is seeing that they are causing so much commotion the pots and pans are falling off the shelf. In the third stanza it states that his father has an injury on his knuckle, and every time his father misses a step the son’s ear hits his belt buckle. In the fourth stanza it talks about how his hands are dirty so he must have a tough job and then the danced to the sons bed and then when put to bed the son holds on to his father’s shirt because he doesn’t want to go to bed he wants to keep playing.

The rhyme scheme is ABAB. The speaker was a narrator through the whole poem. I really liked this poem it shows good imagery throughout the poem I could really see what he was saying; it really shows the relationship between the father and the son.
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