Zulu Empire

Topics: Shaka, Zulu, South Africa Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: March 31, 2009
Shaka Zulu
There are many different story’s of Shaka Zulu but I’m going to tell you about his life and how created the Zulu Empire. Shaka was born in 1787.Shaka father name is senzangakhona. His father was a minor chief of one of the Zulu speaking clans. His mother name is Nandi she was the daughter of chief Mbhengi and the rival clan. Zulu family was from different clans so they considered it as a sin, so they separated. His mother went back to Elangeni and had Shaka. When he was born he was harassed, tormented, and neglected.
When Shaka got older he really didn’t like the Elangeni members. When he reaches manhood he joined Mthethwa. He became one of the worries for six years. He created a weapon called the iKlwa. He spent many years fighting for Dingiswayo, Chieftain of the Mthethwa. Shaka father died in 1816 that’s when Dingiswayo sent him to claim the Zulus. After Shaka claim the Zulus, he built a new village and names it Kwabulawayo. Shaka tribe was about “At the place of He Who Kills”. He wonted everyone that made his life miserable to be destroy. The Zulus began to throw light spears, and after a few losses they were taken to the armies retired. This place was to attack cattle, not to defeat an enemy. Shaka made the battle more deadly. Also Shaka restored the battle formation in order to get the enemy and kill him for good. The Zulu armies would form a “cow horn” formation in which the flanks of the enemy were surrounded by troops while a close-formation covered by cowhide shields. He also taught his troop to run barefooted because it increases faster speed. He taught them everything he knew and if any of them showed pain he could killed them for being a coward. When Shaka’s mother died, Shaka wonted the nation to suffer for her. His mother death upset him so bad so that he killed a number of people because he thought they did not show enough grief. He overheard people talking that they was going to take the kingdom from him so he killed a lot of...
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