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Learning Ways
Based on the right brain vs. the left brain test, it shows that I’m a left brained person. As well as a left brained person is known as a critical thinker who uses logic and sense to gather information. In addition, some works usually held by a left-brained such as banker, judge and mathematician. Owning to the fact that I’m a logical person, I learned by three ways which are Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic way, and there are many ways that I can prove my learning style. The first way is visual learning I prefer to see more than read. I use my sense of sight as my learning tool. Watching demonstrations and detailed graphics is likely hopeful to me like taking notes from a colorful Power Point presentation. I find videos are a perfect way of learning because video contains two way of learning visual and auditory. For example, when I want to learn how to cook I won’t understand only by reading a book, I must watch a video or a TV show and when I see the ingredients and how it is being done in front of me that is when I get the way of doing the dish. And one way to improve this way is to think and realize the picture or Power Point presentation after looking at it. For instance, after class session I talk with a classmate about the picture or go back home and do some researches about the subject and see more pictures. As well as I am an auditory learner who learns through listening. Furthermore, listening and speaking are my main ways to learn and get the information. In order to understand I must be hearing what is being said or else I will face some struggles with the directions that are written. I also pin my ears back and retell to get over the information that is sent to me. My methods that I use in a regular class session or in my real life assist me to learn quickly and understand. I always participate in class discussions and ask questions. Whispering new information is one way to commit to my memory. To improve my auditory skills in class...
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