The Left and Right Brain the Impact on Learning

Topics: Lateralization of brain function, Human brain, Cerebrum Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: March 1, 2013
The Left Brain vs. Right Brain: The Impact on Learning
Did you know that the two halves of your brain function for totally different reasons? The left side is often thought of as the brainy side, while the right side is viewed as the artsy side. The logical left side and the creative right side work together in perfect harmony. In order to learn most efficiently, the two hemispheres of the brain have to simultaneously work independently and cooperatively (Toga.) It is commonly known that people are labeled either a ‘left-brained’ or a ‘right-brained’ learner, but does that have any effect on how they learn? This paper will discuss the different types of functions in the right and left hemispheres of the brain and how they can impact learning.

The left brain is called the logical, or rational, side of the brain. Left brainers do things in the "proper" order and feel that there is a proper order. They to do well in subjects like reading, writing, speech and math. These subjects have an ordered sequence and left brainers process better in a linear, step by step style. Left brain dominant people will likely succeed in professions such as law, science and accounting (Williams.) Other characteristics of the left brain and left brained learners are that they usually spell very well since spelling involves the sequencing of letters; they can be very good at math because they can memorize formulas and they perform well at solving problems in a linear fashion; and usually they can give directions well because they have the visual acuity to see what they want to say and have it verbalize fluidly. More often than not, schools and institutions favor the left brain thinkers over the right brain thinkers. The subjects at school focus on logical thinking and analysis and accuracy. This does not mean that the right brain thinkers are not as smart though. The right brain is called the creative, or subjective, side of the brain.
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