Zappos.Com: Developing a Supply Chain to Deliver Wow

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Philip Dackweiler . Ingen de1 af nogen bog mä reproduceres eller gengives pä nogen mäde uden udgiverens forudgäende tilladelse. Brug (ud over kvalificeret og rimelig anvendelse), som er ulovlig eller overtreder servicevilkärene, er forbudt. De personer, der foretager en sädan overtrredelse, vil blive retsforfulgt, i det omfang loven tillader det.Kein Teil eines Buchs darf ohne die vorherige Zustimmung des Verlags kopiert oder übertragen werden, ganz gleich, mit welchen Mitteln dies geschieht. Eine andere Verwendung als die gesetzlich oder in den Servicebedingungen festgelegte Verwendung ist verboten. Bei Zuwiderhandlung werden gerichtliche Schritte eingeleitet. Dqveloping a Supply Chain to Deliver WOW!

"^'*:bff:,3; Zeppos.coM: DevnloprNc A SuFpLy CHArN To DELTvER wow!
Our rleckion r**s a/r+'erys to focur on ser"r,ir:s bet*tuse we gal instunl feet{be& whenever we delivery. Customers were wawed by the experienrc, and rhxn they told a banch of peaple. Änd u'ord of mouth *'arh.s u lat faster on the Internel than it dots persfln'to-pr:rscn because you cün jus! e-ft?üi{ out a bunclr af your friends and say, 'hey I just hatl lhis ilmüzing expericnte.' That wan ene ofthe re^qons that we wanted ta fteep upgrading shipping. Lin. Chairman. CüO. and CFO of Zaonas'

In late 2008, iess than tr0 years after its founding, Zappas anticipated reashing annual gross säles of Sl billion, When its founder first proposed the idea of selling shoes online, the coücept was greetcd with intense skcpticism. Despite the chailengos, the c$mpany had achieved dramatie success. It was the world's largest online retailer of shoes, was profitable, growing rapidly, and had an outstanding reputation for customer service. Its employees were passioüately. engäged in their work. While shoes still provided the vast üajüriry of reyenues, Zappos had expanded its product offerings based on feedback &om custcmers and the enthusiasm of employees. There was still a huge untapp€d sustomer base*cnly 3 percent sf the U.$, population were Zappos customers-suggesting that the cornpany was not close to saturätirg its lpportunitics in the u.S., lel alone other international regions. However, the c*llapse of the financial markets, and the prospeüt of a prolonged re*ession. created new chaileng*s. Zappos had never been lavishly funded-it had always been intcnscly conscious of cash. Unlike most relailers, il was continuing to grow, but early signs were that the rate sf grCIwth was slowing. As rhe eompany's leadership looked forward, it considered ways that Zappos could sustain the high quality expcrience that it was known for-to deiiver "w-ow" ro its customers. supplitrs, and othqr affrliates. The cornpany's supply chain management häd cvolved as Zappos had grown, and was one of its sources of excellsnce. Yet, perhaps therc were opporhrnities fur continued irnprovement. ' Qrotations are from interviews with the auihor. unless orherwise specified. David Hoyt prepared this case uader the suprrvision sf Michael Marks, Lecnrrer in Operarions, Information, and Technology, and Professor Hau Lee as the basis fsr class discussion rathcr than to iilüEtxare eithrr effective or ineffective handling of an administrative *ituation. Copyright Q 2AÜ9 by the Eoard olTruslees of the Letand Stan{ord Juniar Unive.rsig,. All rights resen'ed. To order copies or requesl Feftnission ta repraduce nurt$rißls, e-mail the Cue Writing A"ffiee at: r*.o@gsö.slanlord.etfu ar write: Case Wriling Affirc, Stüttford Grüduttle Sthoal af Business, 5I8 Memorial lllay, Stanlard University, Stünford, CA 9#A5-SAI5. Na part of this publieatian may be repraduced, stored in d rrtrievül system, used in a sprudslseet, ar transmilted in any form ar by any means * alecffanic, meehanical, pfuttotopying recording, or olherwise - wirhaut the permission af ths Stürlford Gruduate Schaal af Business. Philip Dackweiler . Ingen del af nogen bog mä reproduceres eller...
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