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  • Published: November 10, 2013
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Oscar’s Life Changing Adventure
1.Intro – Once upon a time, there was an oxygen molecule named Oscar. Oscar was getting ready to go on the biggest adventure of his life, a trip through the respiratory system to become a carbon dioxide molecule. 2. Intro Extended – In order to start his adventure, Oscar must find a body to be breathed in by. Once he found a body that breathed him in, he faces the decision of choosing either to enter through the mouth or the nose. Oscar decides to enter through the nose. 3.Nose - Before exiting the nose and continuing his adventure, Oscar finds out that he must pass through the police of the respiratory system know as the cilia and mucus. The cilia and mucus trap dust and smoke, filter air, and sweep the bad stuff from the lungs. 4.Pharynx - The next stop on Oscar’s adventure is the pharynx. Here, there is a water slide where both oxygen and food can take to move through the respiratory system. Oscar decides to jump on the slide and he is on his way. 5.Epiglottis – At the end of the water slide, Oscar gets off and realizes that he has just entered the Epiglottis Game Show. His task is to choose between door number one, the food passageway, and door number two, the windpipe. Oscar chooses door number two and wins. This means that he gets to continue on his adventure. 6.Larynx – After opening door number two, Oscar finds himself on La La Larynx American Idol, the well-known singing competition that takes place in the larynx. Oscar sings a song about his adventure so far and the judges decide that he is good enough to move on. 7.Trachea – Oscar’s next stop is the trachea, a very windy place where he can relax and fly his kite. Oscar named his kite windpipe; naming it after the place he first flew it. 8.Bronchi – Oscar comes across two tunnels, one on his right and one on his left. Both tunnels, known as bronchi, look exactly the same. So in order to decide which way to go, Oscar does eeny-meeny-miny-moe. This leads him to...
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